Librarians and distributors on why
they come to NMM

As NMM grows the vendors are very conscious of what the buyers are looking for – and they talk to us about what kinds of titles we would like to see, what’s missing, what can they do as vendors. I can tell them the kinds of materials I’m collecting, what I’m looking for –there is always so much to pick from; and on the flip side, I ask vendors to talk to filmmakers and let them know we need more films on XYZ.
— lorraine wochna, Ohio University.
The set-up and infrastructure of NMM invites in-depth and meaningful conversations that really help us understand what our customers are looking for. The group discussions — whether during formal sessions or during one of the many informal gatherings scattered throughout the week — really help us get a handle on the new issues surfacing in the educational media landscape
— Alexandra Peterson, Media Education Foundation
My attendance at the Media Market has made a significant improvement in my acquisition process. I am able to acquire quality materials quickly and efficiently. I spend about 75% of my budget through the contacts I make at the market
— Abi Sogunro, Montgomery College
It’s the only professional gathering for meaningful connections with buyers and exhibitors as we learn and gain the best knowledge from each other. As an exhibitor, NMM is the best place to gather intelligence on what titles resonate the most with buyers, which helps shape our marketing strategies for the upcoming year.
— Julie Whang, Tugg Edu
I have been attending NMM for many years, and I can easily state that it is essential for anyone connected to educational media who wishes to learn of the latest and greatest. Getting to know fellow media librarians, distributors and filmmakers has been professionally invaluable and personally rewarding
— Jeffrey Pearson, U of Michigan

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