“I look forward to attending National Media Market each fall on behalf of Alexander Street/ProQuest. The broad representation of educational video distributors, coupled with attendance by all the significant video platform businesses, offers an unmatched opportunity to gather industry intelligence, meet key players and learn about some damn fine films!”
— David Parker, Senior Director – Product Management, Alexander Street/ProQuest
It’s impossible to overstate the value of NMM. It’s unlike any other market or conference we’ve attended. We make sure never to miss it.
— Ryan Krivoshey, Grasshopper Film
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National Media Market is the one event where I can gain first-hand knowledge into the issues of the US Educational market, and learn through the lenses of both distributors and buyers. I feel that the Professional Development sessions that have been added in the past few years add to the conference’s overall value. Of all the events I attend, this is the one that I get the most value from when I factor in the quality of the sessions and the conversations (both business and casual). The board’s hard work and dedication really showed this year with the noticeable increase in distributors and delegates. As I do every year, I’m looking forward to next year’s NMM. Thanks again.
— Kevin Chlebovec, National Film Board of Canada
The Media Market is the best conference and venue our company attends. The networking opportunities are unsurpassed in the industry, with exhibitors and buyers getting the opportunity to have in-depth, one-on-one interactions. This allows us to be able to form a relationship with our buyers and for us to customize our sales experience for each buyer as we truly have time to discuss what their needs are. Some of our biggest sales and most satisfied customers have come from the market over the years as we don’t just sell a commodity here – we sell our product in a customized manner to our buyers which allows them to truly meet their institutions’ particular needs.

NMM is a market that we wouldn’t miss for the world because of the long lasting and deep relationships we have formed there.
— Linda Lee, Vice President, Weston Woods/Scholastic
NMM is a one-of-a-kind hybrid conference and sales event. It’s important on both sides of the proverbial table (for attendees & exhibitors alike), providing a well-balanced 5 days of education, information, and sales opportunities. It’s a business-wise decision for Soundview Media Partners, as a supplier, to attend. And... it’s great fun, too.
— Dan Gurlitz, Soundview Media Partners
A wonderful opportunity to know first hand librarians needs, challenges and the future of collection building! Great place to network and create meaningful business relationships.
— Marta Sanchez, Pragda
A valuable experience for interfacing with our customers and fellow distributors alike.
— Arlin Golden, The Video Project
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The set-up and infrastructure of NMM invites in-depth and meaningful conversations that really help us understand what our customers are looking for. The group discussions — whether during formal sessions or during one of the many informal gatherings scattered throughout the week — really help us get a handle on the new issues surfacing in the educational media landscape
— Alexandra Peterson, Media Education Foundation
It’s the only professional gathering for meaningful connections with buyers and exhibitors as we learn and gain the best knowledge from each other. As an exhibitor, NMM is the best place to gather intelligence on what titles resonate the most with buyers, which helps shape our marketing strategies for the upcoming year.
— Julie Whang, Tugg Edu
NMM provides a unique opportunity for exhibitors to build relationships with their customers in a real way.
— Allie Silvestri, ro*co films
National Media Market is where we can connect on a personal level with librarians and hear their feedback, understand their concerns, and share our newest releases at great discounts — it’s an annual event that provides a time to get to know our customers that we just don’t find the rest of the year.
— Jon Betz, Collective Eye Films


National Media Market has to be one of the best-kept ‘secrets’ in the library world. I can’t imagine why any visual media librarian (or staff member who handles film collection development or acquisition) is NOT attending NMM! It’s inexpensive; the professional development sessions are both timely and incredibly helpful; the connections made with distributors, platform providers, and fellow buyers are vital; and the discounts realized more than cover the full cost of my attendance (usually by a large amount).
Why would anyone not go?
— Susan Albrecht, Acquisitions Manager, Wabash College Lilly Library
If you know about media and libraries, National Media Market is PERFECT for you. If you don’t know, or don’t think you should, it is REQUIRED for you! It helps your communities SEE, HEAR and UNDERSTAND!”
— Carleton Jackson, Head Library Media Services, University of Maryland & Trustee, Creative Edge Collaborative, Gateway Arts District, Prince Georges County, Maryland
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The National Media Market and Conference provides connections and access to media that are essential for my job. I have yet to find other conferences that give me direct access to the vendors I need to grow my organization’s educational media library
— Max Gonzales, Utah Education Network
I learned a lot by talking to other library media professionals about trends, services, and procedures in their libraries.
— Laura Staley, Renton Technical College
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This is the only conference solely dedicated to educational videos. It is a huge time saver for us to attend NMM, and the networking can’t be beat.
— Susan Pennell, Madera County Schools
“NMM, the best little library conference!”
— Anthony Anderson, USC Libraries
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As NMM grows the vendors are very conscious of what the buyers are looking for – and they talk to us about what kinds of titles we would like to see, what’s missing, what can they do as vendors. I can tell them the kinds of materials I’m collecting, what I’m looking for –there is always so much to pick from; and on the flip side, I ask vendors to talk to filmmakers and let them know we need more films on XYZ.
— lorraine wochna, Ohio University.
My attendance at the Media Market has made a significant improvement in my acquisition process. I am able to acquire quality materials quickly and efficiently. I spend about 75% of my budget through the contacts I make at the market.
— Abi Sogunro, Montgomery College
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I have been attending NMM for many years, and I can easily state that it is essential for anyone connected to educational media who wishes to learn of the latest and greatest. Getting to know fellow media librarians, distributors and filmmakers has been professionally invaluable and personally rewarding
— Jeffrey Pearson, U of Michigan
Being newer to the role of coordinating streaming for my library, this conference was very helpful, with great information and great connections
— Gabrielle LeBeau, Utah State University
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