Promote your organization to an audience dedicated to library media

As institutional budgets get stretched, it's more important than ever to make sure your marketing investment produces results. Dollar-for-dollar, NMM sponsorship allows you to reach the greatest concentration of librarians who are deeply concerned with your media-related products and services. 


Every attendee at National Media Market has media-related responsibilities. Nearly all have  buying power. 100% are librarians who are purchase-influential at their institutions with regard to digital services, preservation, collection development, streaming, cataloging practices and more. Their libraries depend on them to retrieve up-to-the-minute information about available products and services. National Media Market features at least two full days of concentration on purchasing, with another large segment of time dedicated to group review of product-and-service offerings presented by vendors. 

NMM IN 2017...

  • Attendance grew by more than 30% over 2016
  • More attendees and vendors than ever reported a high degree of satisfaction with their NMM experience
  • Launched a popular monthly newsletter that increased its reach by 45%. This year, readership has already increased by 43% over last year.
  • Attendees were 20% local (within 300 miles of the event)
  • Boosted the prestige of its annual Best in Show Award by moving to a juried voting system. The winner of our prize has gone on to become an Oscar nominee for 2018.

NMM IN 2018...

  • Our location in Downtown Indianapolis places us within a half-day's drive for librarian-buyers in:
    • 5 states
    • 6 major cities
    • 28 highly-rated in-state colleges and universities
    • 154 highly-rated out-of-state colleges and universities
    • 800 public libraries with multiple branches, suburban settings, and/or communities regarded as affluent
    • 736 public and private schools and districts regarded as well-to-do

2017 Sponsors:

Alexander Street Press
Bullfrog Films
Copyright Clearance Center
Digitalia Film Library
Ebsco Information Services
Icarus Films
Video Librarian