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Digital Video Summit 4.0: Values and pitfalls in the new age of streaming video

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Sun, 10/7 3-6PM (conference rm TBA)


In response to the overwhelmingly expressed need for options and ideas to balance convenient access while building a robust permanent collection, workshop leaders with years of experience in institutional acquisition will present data, pose questions, and lead discussion in an all-conference session involving both purchasers and vendors.

Discussion topics will include:

  • Assessing streaming’s popularity and long term viability.
  • Evaluating temporary licenses versus perpetual ownership.
  • Developing a streaming collection while meeting curricular demand and user preferences.
  • How best to serve streaming files to users.
  • How to achieve budget sustainability.
  • Whether the trend of exclusive reliance on aggregators for streaming video contributes to the decline or demise of the small distributor with specialized content.

We invite librarians and vendors to join this lively workshop. There will be numerous opportunities for questions and discussion. Laura Jenemann (Boston University), Sarah McCleskey (Hofstra University), Winifred Metz (University of North Carolina) and Erin Miller (University of North Texas) will facilitate the workshop, with invited guest panelists contributing diverse perspectives.

Academic Libraries Video Trust — Information Session

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Tues, 10/9 9-10 AM (conference rm TBA)

For years librarians have struggled with how to facilitate the preservation of commercial video content which is no longer in distribution. As the VHS format fades into the past, there is a need to replace and preserve deteriorating works.

The Academic Libraries Video Trust is a cooperative of institutions to create preservation and replacement copies of endangered, lost, stolen works and works in an obsolete format, building on the online database of thousands of titles (Section 108 Due Diligence Project) created by Chris Lewis (American University), and Jane Hutchinson (William Paterson University). Please join Project Collaborators Sarah McCleskey and Jeff Tamblyn as they describe Section 108, the Academic Libraries Video Trust, their work to create a solution to the loss of work in a format nearing obsolescence, and how they envision colleagues within media librarianship and the NMM community coming together to further this project.

A Celebration of the “So Bad, It’s Good” Film: How Schlock, Cult Classics, and Craptastic Films Can Save the Day


Tues, 10/9 1-2 PM (conference rm TBA)

In most collections there are not only great and highly acclaimed films, but films with, well, let's say "cult" appeal. Hidden among the latter, however, may lurk surprisingly powerful educational aids.  No, really. You may ask: how can instructors and library patrons use films we would otherwise designate as strange, schlocky, low-budget, bizarre, or just bad? In what ways are you and your colleagues able to shine light and promote the use of unsung and undervalued germs — I mean, gems — hidden in your collections? Please join us for an entertaining journey through the very underbelly of Film Studies to find unexpected creative approaches to squeezing the very most out of the very worst in film. (Panelists to be announced.) poster attribution: By Source, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=17848289

Marketing Talkback or, "Follow That Promotion!"


Tues, 10/9 530-630 PM


(conference rm TBA)


Wind up the workday with friends and colleagues to share feedback informally among customers and vendors about what's working (and what might not be) in marketing to libraries. Learn about preferred venues, modes, approaches, and maybe find out what happened to that brilliant promotion that somehow never seemed to go anywhere. Moderated by NMM Chair Jeff Tamblyn.