Libros for Oregon: Oregon Libraries Take Advantage of the Guadalajara Book Fair (reprinted by permission of the Oregon Library Association Quarterly) by Deborah Gitlitz, Wilsonville, OR Public Library

This story from the Oregon Library Association Quarterly (OLAQ) was shared courtesy of that periodical and its author, Deborah Gitlitz, the bilingual Outreach Librarian for Wilsonville, OR, Public Library.

Acquiring good books in Spanish for our libraries is a perennial challenge. We all want to enrich our collections with materials reflecting and honoring the experiences of people in our service populations, but this is often easier said than done. In the fall of 2015, a discussion arose on some Oregon library listservs (REFORMA and Libs-Or) about the challenge of connecting our patrons with culturally-appropriate, high-quality Spanish books. People lamented the comparative scarcity of satisfactory resources in the US and the difficulty of sending staff to the important Guadalajara book fair. (Read more at the Oregon Library Association Quarterly