Market Mania Slot Preferences

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NMM's 2017 Market Mania will be held on Monday, October 23.  Exhibitors who have purchased one Market Mania slot will have 10 minutes to present new content, products, platform updates, and any other information of your choosing. Additional 5 minute slots are available for purchase ($200) until the schedule is full.

Market Mania will be presented in four sessions, each with approximately 7 presentations. 

After you complete the form, you will receive instructions for submitting your presentation file. NMM must receive your Market Mania AV presentation file by noon Pacific Time, September 12th.

To ensure smooth running throughout the day, all presentations will be tested and pre-loaded prior to the event, and queued up by NMM's AV team. Please, no exceptions. A signal switch will be available at the podium to cue slides and video. Please make sure your file materials are sent to us in the order in which they're to be presented. 

On the form, indicate up to five selections in order of your preference.  All efforts will be made to accommodate your choices.  

Preferences will be prioritized utilizing the NMM point system - points accumulate with each year of attendance. A final schedule will be circulated prior to Market Mania.