You Know Why You Should Attend—Now Convince Your Boss… 
As a media professional, you know you can find the best educational releases and related technologies when you attend the 37th National Media Market, October 11-15, 2015 in Albuquerque, NM. You also know that you will have to find new ways to cut costs, streamline processes and consider collaboration.

Be a force for change in your organization by bringing the knowledge home. Everyone in your organization can benefit by your attendance. Learn successful methods and best practices from colleagues across the country and how to apply these methods.

Communicate Why Attendance is Vital 
Here are just a few benefits of attendance:

  • Personal attention that helps you make good selections and stretch your media budgets
  • Discovering practical solutions to complex problems
  • Finding best practices and trends
  • Learning from powerful speakers
  • Discussing hot topics with colleagues
  • Networking with other media professional

Gain Buy-In 
Identify exhibiting companies with whom you need to discuss future contracts or services. Find new companies who you are considering adding to your list of resources. Review the daily schedule on the NMM website to identify educational sessions, and networking events that address specific needs within your organization. Identify your current priorities such as cutting costs, streamlining processes, building relationships or overcoming specific challenges and then find corresponding sessions. Prepare a list of the benefits that can be realized by your attendance. It’s important to be able to logically describe the benefits to your organization and how you can make an impact.

Write a Winning Travel Request 
Put your ideas in writing and submit a formal proposal to your supervisor or board. Explain why the knowledge gained will be valuable to your operation. List all the companies you plan to visit to help you overcome challenges and save money.