Exhibitor’s Tip Sheet

Making the Most of your time at the National Media Market!

  • Carefully review the registration lists sent periodically.
  • Introduce your company to registrants you have not done business with.
  • Review previous purchases from registrants you do know. Plan to bring sales histories to the Market.
  • Invite attendees to come to your suite prior to the Market; offer drawings or special incentives.
  • Offer Market discounts, and extend to the end of year. Many buyers will place orders after they get back to their offices.
  • Be ready to recommend specific titles that are must-see. Buyers will often just ask “what’s new?”
  • Talk to people. Ask about their operation, how they select titles, who they are buying for. Some great ideas or better ways of doing things can be picked up in a casual conversation.
  • Don’t forget that portable DVD players are available for purchase or you can bring your own to use after hours for more screening. Offer your DVDs overnight for this purpose.
  • Help buyers select appropriate titles. Offer several DVDs at a time; recommend viewing five or ten minutes of each to cover a lot of possible purchases quickly.
  • After the Market, consider sending thank you notes to buyers you have met with. Also contact those you did not get a chance to speak to and make sure they are aware of your special offers or discounts.