To submit your title for Best of Show consideration, please follow the instructions below. All submissions due: September 15, 2015.

 Best of Show Categories:

This year there are 4 Best of Show Categories:

  1. Best Academic
  2. Best K-12
  3. General: Feature
  4. General: Short

Each Exhibiting Partner may submit one title per category. Definitions are as follows:

Academic: being of the collegiate level; content best suited for community college, college/university, adult, and professional development audiences.

Feature: being a feature length film; content over 45 minutes in length.

K-12: being of the elementary through high school level; content best suited for children, teens/young adults, elementary, middle, and high school audiences.

Short: being a short length film; content under 45 minutes in length.

To Submit Your Title:

Each registered Exhibiting Partner will be emailed login details from the MediaHUB on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 between the hours of 10:00 am and Noon PST. If you do not receive your login details, check your spam folder and contact Lisa at

To access your account on the MediaHUB go to the login homepage and enter your login credentials. Upload your submission to the Assets section of your account. 

Enter the Title, Description, Producer, Grade Level/Range, Region Available, Total Running Time, Awards, Reviews, and Copyright Year. Select the category you are making this submission for. Select the file you would like to upload through the Desktop Upload selection tool and the Choose File button. 


Do not close window while your file is being uploaded. You can check the status of your upload through the notification area at the top of the left hand menu bar. Once your file has moved to Transcoding, you are clear to close your browser window. 


Upload encode suggestions:

Upload times depend upon your internet upload speeds. To ensure a manageable upload time, we suggest compressing your full film files into 1280 x 720 mp4 with a 4-5 mbps bit rate. These settings ensure that a quality image is produced and the file size is manageable for uploading. Please remember that most browser windows can not upload over a 2 GB file. They will quit the upload and you will get an upload process that is seemingly endless. If you need further assistance, please contact Lisa Daniels Wall,