NMM Best in Show Award

Exhibitors:  Don’t miss out on this opportunity for additional promotion of your most exciting film!

After a brief hiatus in 2016, the National Media Market is excited to reintroduce its Best in Show award at this year’s conference in Portland. 

All exhibitors participating in the 39th National Media Market & Conference in 2017 may self-nominate one (1) film from their 2017 release collection to compete for special recognition at NMM, as determined by a jury of librarians appointed by the NMM Board of Directors. 

Exhibitors participating in the Best in Show competition are required to provide online access to their film for viewing by jurors only no later than July 1, 2017, in order to allow sufficient time for jurors to fully screen and evaluate all submissions. 

The jury will select up to five (5) finalists by mid September, and all participating exhibitors will be notified of the jury’s selections by September 30.

Exhibitors whose films are selected as finalists would then be required to provide to NMM a screening trailer of no more than three (3) minutes in duration, along with promotional JPEG images no later than October 15, allowing for onsite promotion during the conference.   

The Best in Show winner will be announced at a ceremony on the last full day of the conference.

The winner and finalists will be promoted by NMM on its web site in the lead up to, during, and immediately following conference, with promotional information circulated to all NMM attendees and subscribers.  In addition, NMM will take out an advertisement to be placed in the subsequent issue of Video Librarian announcing all the exhibitors/finalist films and featuring the exhibitor/winning film.

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NOTE:  NMM is waiving all fees associated with participation in 2017's Best in Show competition as we work on making this award meaningful AND valuable to exhibitors.  Once we get the formula right, NMM anticipates charging reasonable fees for participation in future Best in Show competitions to offset the costs associated with the award process as well as the ensuing promotional consideration.