2011 NMM Daily Schedule

Sunday, October 16

  • 11 am–1 pm NMM Board Meeting
  •  6 pm–7 pm Exhibitor Meeting
  •  8 pm–9 pm NMM Board meeting—New Members Welcome

Monday, October 17

  • 7 am–7:30 amFirst Timers Orientation
  •  8 am–5 pmRegistration
  •  8 am–9 am Opening Session—Gaze Into Our Crystal Ball! Forecasting Changes and Innovations in Media
  •  9:20 am–12 pm Market Mania. 
  •  12 pm–1 pm Lunch
  •  1 pm–5 pm Market Mania. 
  •  5:30 pm–7 pm Welcome Reception

Tuesday, October 18

  • 8 am–12 pm Registration
  •  8 am–12 pm Screening
  •  12 pm–1 pm Lunch
  •  1 pm–2 pm Professional Development Session: Digital Media 101: Deciphering the Bits and Bytes of Online Video
  •  2 pm–6 pm Screening

Wednesday, 10-19

  • 8 am–12 pmRegistration
  •  8 am–12 pmScreening
  •  12 pm–1 pmLunch
  •  1 pm–2 pm NMM Board Presentation: To The Preview Portal and Beyond—NMM Launches a New Service
  •  2 pm–5 pm Screening
  •  6 pm–10 pm Reception/Outing TBD

Thursday, October 20

  • 9 am–1 pm Screening
  •  1 pm–2 pm Closing Lunch
  •  2 pm–3 pm Buyers meeting
  •  2 pm–3 pm Exhibitors break down/Checkout

2011 Professional Development Sessions


Opening Session—“Gaze Into Our Crystal Ball! Forecasting Changes and Innovations in Media”
Brian Bridges, Neeru KhoslaThe 2011 “Crystal Ball” session will take a look at trending uses of media. This year, two trends with promising futures will be explored: digital textbooks and online courses. Both are emerging as innovative platforms for new uses of media. Our “fortune tellers” will share their thoughts and current perspectives about these integrated technologies. No trance states allowed—be ready for a Q&A opportunity.

NMM Board Member Julie Drake (Los Angles County Office of Education) will introduce the speakers and facilitate questions and answers.

 Jane Hutchison

Jane Hutchison

To The Preview Portal and Beyond—NMM Launches a New Service
Wendy Collins, Rob Rosamond
NMM has developed a password protected system to allow buyers to easily preview and evaluate exhibitors’ titles in one central location. Board Members will describe the goal of this project extending NMM services to buyers and exhibitors as well as give a hands on training. The portal will provide easy search, easy previews, easy acquisitions, save time and control costs. Questions and comments welcome!

NMM Board Member Bob Norris will introduce the panelists and facilitate questions and answers.

Digital Media 101: Deciphering the Bits and Bytes of Online Video
Wendy Collins, Gina Krause & Matthew Haun
Digital video in education is booming! But trying to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of online video can be a full-time job. This session will help you to better understand new and emerging technologies and tools, encoding formats, and delivery options for providing digital video to students and faculty.

2011 NMM Program Guide

2011 Exhibiting Companies’ Bios


Alexander Street Press/Filmakers Library  (www.filmakers.com and alexanderstreet.com)
Filmakers Library has worked to give you high-quality, issue-based documentaries and independent films for 40+ years. Alexander Street has worked to give you powerfully searchable online collections for teaching and research. Together, we give you the best educational video content and the most flexible delivery options. Choose individual videos on DVD or online in streaming video; discipline-specific collections; or all of the video we offer—20,000 films by 2013. Visit the ASP/Filmakers Suite to learn more!
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Ambrose Video Publishing  (www.ambrosevideo.com)
Our 25th year as a leading provider of educational video content targeted to the University marketplace. Our video streams can now be accessed via our dynamic bit rate switching system. Our streams are accessible by any mobile device, at no extra cost. License the BBC Shakespeare plays, with closed captions, and your students can watch on their iPhones.

Annenberg Learner  (www.learner.org)
Annenberg Learner, a part of The Annenberg Foundation begun in 1987, uses media and other technologies to advance excellence in learning and teaching. Annenberg Learner funds the production of educational multimedia resources for secondary and college students and professional development for K-12 teachers consisting of video programs with accompanying student and faculty guides, online textbooks, and interactive web components in the areas of art, science, mathematics, literature, English (including ESL), foreign languages, and social studies. All programming is closed captioned and audio described. Annenberg Learner video content are also distance learning courses that can be used online in any CMS. Digital licenses are available for our entire library.

Aquarius Health Care Media  (www.aquariusproductions.com)
Aquarius Health Care Media is the leading producer/distributor of health care films. Our carefully selected titles have provided insight to thousands of individuals and organizations for over 25 years. To reach as many people as possible, Aquarius offers unlimited streaming rights at a low, one-time rate on the majority of its 800+ titles. We would love to help you and your organization find the perfect content it needs to educate, motivate and inspire.

becon tv  (www.becon.tv)
The Broward Education Communications Network (becon), owned and operated by The School Board of Broward County, provides curriculum-based instructional programs, aligned to national standards, for school district, libraries, private & charter schools, educational organizations, and TV stations nationwide. Programming is developed with input and direction from curriculum specialists and includes demonstrations and real life applications to encourage student interaction and enhance the learning process. becon’s mission is to use broadcast television and the most current technologies to develop and deliver quality multi-media, instructional, educational and community programming to enhance student achievement and life-long learning.

Biomedia associates  (www.eBioMEDIA.com)
Biology comes alive in the classroom, tutoring station, and student learning anytime, anywhere through the Biomedia Biology Library of 75 programs and 450+ core content clips for grades 5–14. Designed with the new techniques of digital microscopy, animation and photography, this multimedia biology collection reveals the structure, process, and behavior of living things. Licenses are tailored to your delivery needs from Streaming to Hosting to Broadcast to DVD and your term length of license.

Bullfrog Films  (www.bullfrogfilms.com)
Leading environmental and social justice publisher since 1973, with more than 700 titles in the areas of environmental and social sciences, women’s studies, environmental ethics, climate change, globalization, marine biology, Native American studies, anthropology, geography, political science, and human rights. Bullfrog also distributes films on the performing arts from Rhombus Media. Children’s programs include ALA notables and animated short films. DVDs include Public Performance Rights and a generous replacement warranty. Digital streaming rights are available.

CBC Learning  (www.cbclearning.ca)
CBC has been Canada’s national broadcaster for the past 75 years. CBC Learning not only brings access to CBC great, trusted content under one umbrella, but also builds on that content. In addition to new video and audio releases, we offer hundreds of free teacher resource guides and support materials to make CBC programs more effective in the classroom. We also provide access to many parts of the CBC website that have relevant classroom materials. Come and meet with us at NMM this year…

Cerebellum Corporation  (www.cerebellum.com)
Cerebellum Corporation, the exclusive producer and distributor of Standard Deviants videos, has set the standard for excellence in educational media since 1992. The topic-based videos cover the most difficult core curriculum with a fun approach to serious education, and have received 25 Telly Awards, multiple Parents’ Choice Awards, and the respect and recommendation of thousands of education professionals. Beyond core curriculum, Cerebellum’s library has expanded with the distribution of the Sunburst Visual Media library, the 2011 release of Cerebellum’s Guidance Systems and a new online curriculum, Standard Deviants Accelerate.

Chip Taylor Communications  (www.chiptaylor.com)
Chip Taylor Communications, producer, distributor, media broker since 1985, offers media buyers and programmers and eclectic wealth of programming choices, including over 3,500 exclusive titles, along with affordable licensing terms, including broadcast and streaming, for all user situations. Quality content is assured and NMM discounting is available.\

CinéFête  (eng.cinefete.ca)
Representing over 100 producers from Canada, Europe and Asia, CinéFête’s collection of broadcast quality documentaries brings a world view to all levels of teaching. From award-winning children’s films to hard-hitting documentaries, we are proud of our 20 year dedication to the visual media market. Programs are available in various formats, including DVD and digital and include streaming and duplication rights.

The Cinema Guild, Inc.  (www.cinemaguild.com)
The Cinema Guild is a premier distributor of documentary, foreign and independent films. Browse our entire collection at www.cinemaguild.com.

Collective Eye, Inc.  (www.collectiveeye.org)
Collective Eye, Inc. is an educational film distribution company that represents compelling films that explore the untold stories of our time. Our films build bridges between cultures, and provide unique perspectives by exploring social, political, environmental and spiritual issues to bring provocative and entertaining stories to the screen.

We believe that film is a medium that can present critical issues, challenge audiences and raise important questions. Keeping true to the notion that documentary films are powerful tools for change, we strive to unearth stories that make a difference.

Davidson Films, Inc.  (www.davidsonfilms.com)
Davidson Films is an internationally acclaimed producer of educational media for university, college, and medical markets. Davidson Films has remained on the leading edge of film technology and technique for over fifty years; from 16mm film productions to the most current digital video formats, now closed-captioned and available through digital licensing. Produced for courses in psychology, neuroscience, and education, each film is a minor work of art, based on thorough research, and attention to detail.

Distribution access  (www.distributionaccess.com)
Distribution access is a worldwide leading provider of some of the world’s best educational video programs and multi media content.

With a library of over 3000 titles, Distribution access serves educational institutions—elementary, secondary, postsecondary, libraries—learners of all ages in their homes and educational and broadcasting organizations around the world.

As well as all the current video formats, Distribution access provides educational video content via proprietary digital platforms. Access Learning provides learners with a comprehensive video collection and the ability to build their own digital libraries from an “a la carte” selection from our collection and add their own content from other sources.

Digital customers are supported by Access Digital Media, a division of Distribution access, providing digital authoring, encoding and technical support services.

With offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Saint John, Distribution access is committed to further developing and expanding its offerings of educational video content, to being a leader in the digital On Demand delivery of this content to educational institutions and to individual households, and to effectively serve learners of all ages.

Education Media Alliance  (EduMediaAlliance.org)
The Education Media Alliance (EMA), a collaborative of independent producers of top-quality educational media, is committed to providing cutting edge media resources for exceptional teaching and learning opportunities. Nonprofit “Film Clips for Character Education” offers K-16 collections of fully-licensed clips from popular Hollywood movies with age-appropriate teacher guides supporting Positive School Climates and cross-curriculum standards. Nonprofit “MetaFour Productions” represents a number of K-12 media products: “Kragnatz Conquers: Language Arts,” “Numericon,” “Math Park,” and “Write Right!”

Film Ideas, Inc.  (www.filmideas.com)
Film Ideas, Inc. has been producing and distributing award-winning curriculum, documentary and general interest programs for K-16 education, library and instructional television markets since 1979. Topics support all ages and interests. Programs are closed captioned and available in video, chaptered DVDs and all digital delivery and television formats. And now we offer a Financial Literacy Streaming Service. Film Ideas is “Education through Visualization.” To learn more and view online previews, visit our website: www.filmideas.com.

Films Media Group  (www.films.com)
Films Media Group publishes over 12,000 educational video titles for grades 7-12 through college via our imprints: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, Cambridge Educational, Meridian Education, and Shopware. Our web-based video streaming service, Films-On-Demand, provides unlimited 24/7 access to 8,000+ digital titles, ready to be shared through online catalogs, distance education courses, and learning management systems. Digital rights are available for local hosting. Comprehensive curriculum-focused collections are now offered on a subscription basis.

First Run Features  (www.firstrunfeatures.com)
First Run Features was founded in 1979 by a group of filmmakers to advance the distribution of independent film. Under the leadership of the late independent film pioneer, Fran Spielman, First Run Features quickly gained a reputation for its controversial catalog of daring independent fiction and non-fiction films. First Run remains one of the largest independent theatrical and home video distributors in the United States, releasing around 12 films a year in theaters nationwide and about 40 DVDs annually.

Governors State University  (www.digitiallearning.govst.edu)
The division of digital learning and media design at Governors State University has been a pioneer in distance education for over 20 years. GSU’s production teams have traveled the world to gather video footage and have won several Emmy Awards for capturing phenomena from the world beyond the classroom. To learn more about GSU digital learning and our impressive line-up of media courses, streaming and licensing information, visit our website at www.digitiallearning.govst.edu or email us at digitallearning@govst.edu.

Hazelden Publishing  (www.hazelden.org/bookstore)
Hazelden Publishing is the leading publisher of evidence-based prevention programs focusing on K-12 schools. Hazelden focuses on creating and distributing high quality curricula, videos, electronic subscriptions, and video streaming on key topics affecting students today, including bullying prevention, dating violence, suicide prevention, alcohol and other drug prevention and mental health.

Human Relations Media  (www.hrmvideo.com)
Human Relations Media is one of the leading K-12 publishers of supplemental educational products in the United States specializing in video-based programs in a variety of subject areas including Health, Drug Education, Career Education, Science, Math and Language Arts.

The company was founded in 1976 by its current CEO, Anson Schloat. A typical HRM product is a 25 minute video accompanied by a teacher’s resource book that includes a summary of the program, learning objectives, student activities and handouts, fact sheets and other student materials that add depth to the learning experience.

HRM also publishes several comprehensive video based curriculums called Curriculums in a Box that include several videos and hundreds of pages of activities.We also publish DVDs, workbooks, CD-ROMS and folding displays. Over the years Human Relations Media has achieved an outstanding record of developing the highest quality products available in the education market.

Icarus Films  (www.icarusfilms.com)
Icarus Films is a leading distributor of documentary and art films in North America, with a library of almost 900 titles and releasing approximately 50 new films each year. Our collection, mostly independent productions, features innovative and provocative films about our changing world. In 2009 we acquired the Fanlight Production Collection—educational media with a special focus on health care, mental health, aging, disabilities, and related issues.

intelecom  (www.intelecom.org)
intelecom is a non-profit producer of video content for distance learning and classroom instruction. We offer more than 300 curriculum-based DVDs in core subjects including History, Government, Health, Physics, Psychology and more. Broadcast and digital rights available. Also from intelecom…the intelecom Online Resources Network is a fully-hosted video learning object repository for today’s fast-growing online learning programs. More than 3,000 embeddable video clips streamed on demand, with new content added on a regular basis.

ITS—International Telecommunication Services, Inc.  (its.itmonline.com)
Since 1979, ITS has provided the educational media market programming from its base of more than 1,000 titles, including series/single programs at the K-12, professional development and college levels. This includes all curriculum areas, with emphasis on core curriculum. Programming ranges from individual supplemental programs to mini-series to complete courses as well as single concept segments designed for streaming—ITS TEACHABLE MOMENTS.

ITS also offers the multiple single concept DVDs with menu/chapters composed of segments from various producers pertaining to a similar topic/concept.

ITS has all rights, public performance, broadcast , streaming, hard copy, duplication and digital, for most of its titles and can supply programs on most any format desired.

Kino Lorber Education  (www.kinolorbereducation.com)
Kino Lorber Edu brings together the libraries of Kino International, Lorber Films and Alive Mind Education. We specialize in offering the best films available in Social Justice and Human Rights, Film Studies, Asian Studies, Literature and Theater, Science and Philosophy, Religion and Spirituality.

Our films are available with Public Performance Rights, Digital Site Licenses, and for Exhibition.

Landmark Media  (www.landmarkmedia.com)
Welcome to our website. Landmark Media is an independent family-owned company currently celebrating our 28th anniversary. We have been fortunate to be able to offer the finest quality educational DVDs available.

Joan and Michael Hartogs, the owners of Landmark, and their sons Richard and Peter personally handpick every program in our catalogue. Their dedication has paid off, as we have become one of the leaders in the educational DVD distribution industry. We proudly invite you to browse our website and hopefully you will find what you are looking for. If you are new to Landmark Media, you will be impressed by our quick handling of all orders/sales and previews and pleased with our courteous customer service department which will be happy to answer any inquiries you may have.

Learning core  (www.learningcore.net)
Learning core isn’t just a business in education, we’re an active part of our educational community. Our services include: digital video encoding, content storage and hosting, DVD authoring, chapter and clip file creation, digital file management, closed captioning and digital media project consultation.

This year we’re proud to partner with Paradise Filmworks on their worldwide distribution. Visit us in suite #312 for more details.

Learning Seed, LLC  (www.learningseed.com)
Independent, engaging, aligned with your curriculum—Learning Seed videos and software offer educators a broad selection of standards-based materials to teach, reinforce, and supplement your lesson plans. Since 1974, the Seedlings have offered educational media that bring classrooms to life.

Visit www.learningseed.com to browse titles in Child Development, Food & Nutrition, Consumer Economics, Guidance, Careers and more.

Mazzarella Media, LLC  (www.mazz.com)
Mazzarella Media is a leading producer of educational content for the education market. Our goal is to provide resources to help teachers and educators meet high academic achievement.

Media Education Foundation  (www.mediaed.org)
The Media Education Foundation produces and distributes documentary films and other educational resources to inspire critical reflection on the social, political, and cultural impact of American mass media. We offer resources designed to help spark discussion about some of the most pressing and complicated issues of our time. MEF’s aim is to inspire students to think critically and in new ways about the hyper-mediated world around them.

MVD Entertainment Group  (mvdb2b.com)
MVD Entertainment Group is the exclusive distributor of thousands of audiovisual programs and audio recordings. MVD has a special focus on music related programs such as historical concert videos from classic artists, documentaries covering certain artists or musical styles, and music related films. While musical content is a strength, MVD also represents thousands of non-music films as well including great political documentaries, classic b-movies, stand up comedy videos and much more.

The National Film Board of Canada  (www.nfb.ca)
With its groundbreaking point-of-view documentaries and creative animated films, the National Film Board of Canada has earned world-wide acclaim and won more than 4,000 awards in countless film festivals and competitions—including 12 Academy Awards and 4 Palmes d’Or at Cannes. Our vast collection (over 10,000 films) of films include titles in the areas of social justice, human rights, cultural anthropology, international issues, globalization, psychology, Native American studies and women’s studies.

New Day Films  (www.newday.com)
Illuminate, challenge, inspire! Now in its 40th year, the legendary New Day Films is a unique distribution cooperative run by the filmmakers themselves. Specializing in social-issue documentaries, New Day Films have for decades been frequently seen on such television venues as HBO and POV. Our collection includes Academy Award-winners and nominees (one in 2010), and our groundbreaking online streaming service, New Day Digital (newdaydigital.com) offers over 160 films through institutional and individual licensing options.

New Dimension Media  (www.ndmquestar.com)
Founded in 1978, New Dimension Media is the premier producer and distributor of original core curriculum media content created for K-12 classrooms. NDM programs have won over 100 of the industry’s most prestigious honors, including the CINE Golden Eagle and the Golden Apple. We distribute media content in partnership with such distinguished producers as the National Science Foundation, Reader’s Digest, A&E, Discovery Channel, Connect with Kids, and Marathon (France).

Off The Fence  (offthefence.com)
Off The Fence is a leading documentary distributor of premium programming for educational markets. We represent a catalog of over 1000 hours available for the educational market across the History, Science & Tech, Nature & Wildlife, People & Culture, Travel & Adventure and Lifestyle genres from top broadcasters and producers from the US and around the world. Need programming? Get offthefence.com.

Passion River Films  (www.PassionRiver.com)
Since 1998, Passion River Films has been devoted to acquiring, distributing and representing unique independent films and documentaries. Their award winning and festival favorite features have made their home on shelves of various notable film libraries and institutions. Their deep catalog represents films on nearly every topic including Multicultural Studies, Women’s Studies, Medical Studies and Advances, Religious and Spiritual studies, Environmentalism, Aging, Drug Addiction, Gay/Lesbian/Transgender, etc. Passion River also books films and lecturers for public performances and speaking events on college campuses across the country.

PBS Educational Media  (shopPBS.org/teachershop)
Create a 21st century library with PBS Educational Media! Students Pre-K through post-doctoral will find our catalog of thought-provoking and engaging titles an excellent way to challenge assumptions and open their minds to a new world of learning. Content now available in digital format to meet your classroom needs! Stop by today to learn about our newest resource: PBS Learning Media—a robust content library of 14,000+ digital assets designed and aligned to core standards for classroom and student achievement.

The Phoenix Learning Group, Inc.  (phoenixlearninggroup.com)
Award winning Producer and Distributor of quality programming for all ages. Large library of over 5,000 programs that cover a wide array of subject areas. Our programs will enhance and enrich your teaching experience, either in person or through digital streaming in distance learning classes. We are a long time supporter of the National Media Market and have attended every year since its inception. We would like to thank our Media Market customers and friends for their longtime support.

ro*co films  (www.rocoeducational.com or www.rocofilms.com)
A leader in the documentary distribution world, ro*co films understands that a compelling real-life story can educate, entertain, and engage diverse audiences around emotionally gripping, universally important themes.

ro*co films educational advocates for documentary film as an educational tool and brings these stories into classrooms, libraries, non-profit organizations, and all other instructional environments throughout the country. The films represented by ro*co educational are inspiring, challenging, and entertaining—connecting us to human experiences well beyond the boundaries of our own.

SCCtv/IRIS Education  (www.scctv.net or www.iriseducation.org)
Digital delivery and streaming of educational media is our specialty. As part of the State of Washington’s higher education system, SCCtv and IRIS Education are experts in meeting the challenges and varying needs in education media technology. And our partnerships with the country’s leading content producers and distributors mean we have a large reach and robust, reliable infrastructure. From digitization of hard copy materials and close captioning to hosting, storing, streaming, and front-end web delivery, we can work with you to build custom solutions which will meet the needs of students and educators.

SISU Home Entertainment, Inc.  (www.sisuent.com)
SISU Home Entertainment is celebrating its 23rd anniversary. It is a leader in providing quality programs on Jewish life & holidays, Israeli movies, Biblical, Holocaust and children’s programs to schools, libraries and individuals. Our DVD library includes over 250 award winning and critically acclaimed DVDs such as “I’m Still Here” (MTV production on the Holocaust), “Great Figures of the Bible with Eli Wiesel,” “Shalom Sesame” (The Jewish version of Sesame Street), and “On Second Avenue.”

Swank Motion Pictures  (www.swank.com/digitalcampus/)
Digital Campus by Swank Motion Pictures is the latest technology available to legally distribute copyright compliant films to students for educational purposes. Digital Campus provides students legal access to digital movies as an alternative to sharing copies of DVDs, providing a flexible and custom solution to fit your campus’s needs. Swank Motion Pictures has the largest and most exclusive repository of digital film content available with over 17,000 films to choose from.

Tek Data Systems Company  (www.tekdata.com)
Tek Data is more than just software for Resource Booking and Cataloging. We provide solutions for StreamingSearching and Data Management, all of which feature Single Sign On and are easily integrated with other products and systems.

This year we are featuring:

  • SNAP for searching locally and across the web simultaneously
  • TOMMS for streaming and management of all digital content
  • Moodle Portal for integration with Tek Data’s products

In addition, we’re highlighting SRU, a web based solution designed to Lookup, Retrieve and Import MARC Records.

VEA Inc. (Video Education America)  (www.veavideo.com)
“Bringing Learning to Life.”

With over 30 years experience and ongoing educational research, VEA produces 100 quality educational programs annually for a wide range of subjects and ages. Teacher notes are produced for each program by an expert consultant who also ensures accuracy and relevancy.

Chapterized menus means VEA programs are adaptable to different teaching and learning styles. Students remain engaged with VEA’s high production values. Visit Sandy in room 325 and see for yourself!

The Video Project  (www.videoproject.com)
Our mission at the Video Project is to provide the very best in educational media and documentary programming on critical global and social issues, science and health to colleges, schools, libraries, businesses, religious groups, government agencies and non-governmental organizations worldwide.

Weston Woods/Scholastic  (www.scholastic.com/westonwoods)
WestonWoods is the world’s largest producer of audiovisual adaptations of classic children’s picture books. Our adaptations are faithful reflections of the books on which they are based, designed to motivate children to want to read. Our product lines include over 350 public performance DVD picture book adaptations, American Sign Language DVD series, author documentaries, history/social studies and foreign language bilingual DVD collections.

Women Make Movies  (www.wmm.com)
Established in 1972 to address the under representation and misrepresentation of women in the media industry, Women Make Movies is a multicultural, multiracial, non-profit media arts organization which facilitates the production, promotion, distribution and exhibition of independent films and videotapes by and about women. The organization provides services to both users and makers of film and video programs, with a special emphasis on supporting work by women of color. Women Make Movies facilitates the development of feminist media through an internationally recognized Distribution Service and a Production Assistance Program.