32nd NMM Daily Schedule

Sunday, October 24th

  • 11 am Golf Outing, Contact Eric Miller, Landmark Media eric@landmarkmedia.com
  • TBD Sweet Kansas City Chocolate Tour; Contact Brigid Duffy bduffy@sfsu.edu
  • 1 pm–5 pm Registration
  • 1 pm–2 pm In Search of a DLS Utopia
  • 2:30 pm–4:30 pm Pre-Conference Discussion Group; Digital Video in Libraries: Moving from Dialogue to Action
  • 5 pm–6:30 pm Exhibitor Meeting
  • 7 pm–9 pm NMM Board Meeting

Monday, October 25th

  • 7:30 am–8 am First Timers Orientation
  • 8 am–5 pm Registration
  •  8 am–9:20 am Opening Session—Creating a Culture of Inquiry: Media Literacy Education in the 21st Century and Beyond
  • 9:30 am–12 pm Market Mania
  • 12 pm–1 pm Lunch
  • 1 pm–4:41 pm Market Mania 
  • 5:30 pm–6:30 pmWelcome Reception

Tuesday, October 26th

  • 8 am–12 pm Registration
  • 8 am–12 pm Screening
  • 12 pm–1 pm Lunch
  • 1 pm–2 pm Professional Development Session: Why is the Common State Standards Initiative important for the country?
  • 2 pm–6 pm Screening

Wednesday, 10-27

  • 8 am–12 pm Registration
  • 8 am–12 pm Screening
  • 12 pm–1 pm Lunch
  • 1 pm–2 pm Professional Development Session: How to Build an Audience and Media Collection using Social Media Marketing
  • 2 pm–5 pm Screening
  • 6 pm–10 pm Dinner and Dance

Thursday, October 28

  • 9 am–1 pm Screening
  • 1 pm–2 pm Closing Lunch
  • 2 pm–3 pm Buyers meeting
  • 2 pm–3 pm Exhibitors break down

2010 Professional Development Sessions

 Faith Rogow, Ph.D.

Faith Rogow, Ph.D.

Opening Session—“Creating a Culture of Inquiry: Media Literacy Education in the 21st Century and Beyond”
Faith Rogow, Ph.D.
Amazing things happen when we drop the media-are-harmful-or-not debates as a paradigm and embrace an approach to media literacy education based on inquiry and literacy. Those who think of media literacy as analyzing ads will find something different here. This is not your father’s (or mother’s) media literacy! Using practical and easy-to-implement examples based on sound educational pedagogy, this interactive and challenging session will demonstrate how new approaches to media literacy education make it possible for every school (pre-K–16) to create a culture of inquiry.

 Jane Hutchison

Jane Hutchison

Digital Video in Libraries: Moving from Dialogue to Action
Facilitated by Jane B. Hutchison
On March 26, 2010, seven individuals organized and held a Higher Education Digital Video Summit in New York City. The purpose was to bring together higher education buyers, distributors and filmmakers to discuss the present and future of digital video. Fifty-five participants engaged in lively discussions on revenue, copyright concerns, distribution/delivery models and content. At the end of the day, participants reached consensus on next steps. Links to the executive summary are located athttp://www.west.asu.edu/icdeg/digitalsummit and include steps for action. The Go7 (Gang of 7) includes Dylan McGinty (National Film Board of Canada), Meredith Miller and Eleonore Martin (Icarus Films), Carleton Jackson (University of Maryland), Sarah McCleskey (Hofstra University), deg farrelly (Arizona State University) and Jane Hutchison (William Paterson University).

The purpose of this National Media Market session is to help frame the next steps, particularly a clearinghouse of licensing models and pricing information to help ease buyers’ confusion and duplication of effort in tracking down rights as well as gathering “best practices” to help feed into other working groups such as the ARL group (http://www.arl.org/news/pr/mellon-grant-8apr10.shtml).
For more information, contact Jane Hutchison at hutchisonj@wpunj.edu

In Search of a DLS Utopia
Julie Drake, Jane B. Hutchison, Kim Smith
The search for the ideal digital delivery system can be elusive for media producers and distributors, and buyers of media alike. The DLS—Dirty Little Secret about DLS—Digital Library Systems is that there is no one size fits all. This panel will explore current trends in Digital Delivery Systems as three representative panelists share their quests in this Brave New World. Learn how the New Jersey Higher Education System, the California County Educational Technology Consortium, and PBS Education are developing technologies to provide broad digital access to media. Presenters will explain how they came to design their services, share insights from their experiences, and suggest their future plans. Moderated by Julie Drake.

 Allen Chou

Allen Chou

How to Build an Audience and Media Collection using Social Media Marketing 
Allen Chou
Every library and distributor knows that increasing exposure to their media will boost value to their collection. But search engines and social media are changing the way media is exposed to customers, patrons, and students. Can traditional marketing still generate enough awareness? How will your target audience discover your old and newly acquired media?

Cataloging a title and generating old-fashioned announcements just isn’t enough anymore. The rules of marketing and discovery have changed! In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify which social media outlets your target audience uses
  • Create and position your content in social media channels
  • Discover media popular with your target audience and community
  • Develop relevant content ideas and strategies for promoting your media collection and events
  • Create content so you can be found in Google and search engines
  • Properly engage with your audience using social media
  • Develop email and newsletter strategies that persuade your audience into action
  • Properly engage with your audience and promote your media using Twitter, FaceBook, and YouTube

Your audience is increasingly looking to communicate through content rich web sites, blogs, and other social media channels. After this session you’ll have step-by-step instructions on how to participate with them!

 Christopher Lohse

Christopher Lohse

Why is the Common State Standards Initiative important for the country?
Christopher Lohse
Today we live in a world without borders. To maintain America’s competitive edge, we need all of our students to be well prepared and ready to compete with not only their American peers, but with students from around the world. The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) in partnership with Achieve, Inc., ACT, and the College Board have initiated a state-led process of developing and adopting a common core of state standards. This initiative will build off of the research and good work states have already done to build and implement high-quality standards. This work presents a significant and historic opportunity for states to accelerate and drive education reform toward the ultimate goal of children—from states across the country—graduating from high school ready for college, work, and success in the global economy. CCSSO and the NGA Center believe every student must be as prepared as their peers in all states across the country and those peers in high-achieving countries.

These common standards will bring about real and meaningful transformation of our education system to benefit all students. The Common Core State Standards Initiative will be research- and evidence-based and will be aligned with college and work expectations, include rigorous content and skills, and be internationally benchmarked. States will adopt the Common Core State Standards Initiative through a process that will respect unique state contexts and states’ right to set standards. The first standards being addressed are English-language arts and mathematics in grades K-12.

2010 NMM Program Guide

Preliminary Pages

Exhibiting Partner Pages

2010 Exhibiting Companies’ Bios

Alexander Street Press  (criticalvideoeditions.com or alexanderstreet.com)

An electronic publisher of award-winning online collections in the humanities and social sciences, Alexander Street’s Critical Video Editions combine the most important content in each discipline with powerful search functionality and technical features that unlock video’s potential for use in research and teaching. Come see how we’ve made it easier to explore, share, and cite video than ever before, with collections like American History in VideoCounseling and Therapy in VideoDance in Video, and more.

Ambrose Video Publishing  (www.ambrosevideo.com)

Ambrose Video Publishing starts our third decade more excited than ever about the future of high quality video content. In addition to our top-selling DVDs, we can provide digital files in the format of your choice. We are proud to be launching Ambrose 2.0—our new video streaming site, incorporating the very best H.264 Flash technology for streaming and Windows Media and Quicktime for downloads. We’ve produced a collection of award-winning programs filmed in high-definition, chaptered into concept clips featuring closed captioning, Spanish subtitles, and free ancillary materials. Special programming is available for broadcast. Our 2008 releases include new programs on environmental sciences, literature, and documentaries highlighting history, geography, and the cultural diversity of our nation.

Annenberg Media  (www.learner.org)

Annenberg Media, a unit of the Annenberg Foundation, uses media and other technologies to advance excellence in learning and teaching. Annenberg Media funds the production of educational multimedia and distance learning courses for students and teachers consisting of DVD programs with accompanying student and faculty guides, online textbooks, and web components in the areas of art, science, mathematics, literature, English (including ESL), foreign languages, and social studies. All programming is closed captioned and audio described. Duplication, digital licenses and digital downloads are now available for our entire library.

Aquarius Health Care Media  (www.aquariusproductions.com)

Aquarius Health Care Media is the leading award winning producer & distributor in the health and education areas. We understand the importance of bringing powerful and poignant stories to film. As documentary film producers, we focus on major health issues that influence people today.

As a leading resource for organizations when people face life challenges, Aquarius films offer understanding and insights. Through the distribution of our media, we tell the stories of people who have experienced some of life’s most difficult challenges. Aquarius has built a strong, loyal customer base over the past 17 years. The customers know that the name Aquarius Health Care Media means “a real commitment to helping people” and when they order they “find only the finest of video programs.”

BECON TV  (www.becon.tv)

The Broward Education Communications Network (becon), owned and operated by Broward County Public Schools, Florida, provides curriculum-based instructional programs for classroom teachers and educational, non-commercial programming for libraries and community broadcast.

Programming is developed with input and direction from curriculum specialists and is accompanied by downloadable teachers’ guides. Programs include demonstrations and real life applications to encourage student interaction and enhance the learning process. becon’s mission is to use broadcast television and the most current technologies to develop and deliver quality multi-media, instructional, educational and community programming to enhance student achievement and life-long learning.


BioMEDIA ASSOCIATES designs and produces programs to support the science curriculum areas of Cell Biology, Biological Classification and Diversity, Marine and Freshwater Ecology, plus Developmental and Environmental Science for grades 5 through 14. The tightly crafted narrated programs with clear teaching modules feature new techniques of microscopy, animation, and photography to reveal the structure, process, and behavior in living things. Programs are available for digital delivery, DVD, Broadcast/Datacasting/Duplication, and VHS with free downloadable teaching guides, state and national curriculum correlations, plus previews at www.eBioMEDIA.com.

Bullfrog Films  (www.bullfrogfilms.com)

Leading environmental and social justice publisher since 1973, with more than 600 titles in the areas of environmental and social sciences, women’s studies, Asian studies, Latin America, environmental ethics, global warming, globalization, marine biology, Native American studies, anthropology, geography and human rights. Bullfrog also presents acclaimed videos on music and the performing arts from Rhombus Media. Children’s videos include ALA Notables and animated short films. DVDs and videos include Public Performance Rights and a generous video warranty. Digital rights are available.

Chip Taylor Communications  (www.chiptaylor.com)

Since 1985, the main mission of Chip Taylor Communications has been to assist each client we work with to achieve the goals he or she is attempting to reach, dedicating ourselves to the belief that together we can make a difference; the positive truth is: together we do. Sharing the goals of educators, librarians, programmers and administrators, we focus our acquisitions and productions based on their input, ultimately assisting them with their important purchasing needs. Our collection is diverse; our collection is inclusive: our goal is to be able to help every client, large or small, by providing each with the content and licensing he or she requires, be that DVDs or Digital Streaming Files. Our six-month Free Exchange guarantees your satisfaction; also you’ll love our graphic-designed DVD jacket inserts.

CinéFête  (eng.cinefete.ca)

CinéFête, a well-established Canadian distributor of broadcast quality documentaries and award winning children’s films, has been serving the educational market since 1990. We have the largest independent French and English language catalogue in Canada. We represent over a hundred producers from Canada, Europe and Asia, with films in many academic subject areas. Our clients include libraries, schools and universities. Programs are available in various formats, including streaming, digital and duplication rights.

The Cinema Guild, Inc.  (www.cinemaguild.com)

The Cinema Guild collection includes acclaimed, award-winning documentaries suitable for all grade levels. The Cinema Guild is particularly strong in such disciplines as African-American Studies, Asian Studies, Fine Arts, Gay and Lesbian Studies, Health, Jewish Studies, Literature and Language Arts, Latino Studies, Middle East Studies, Political Science, and Women’s Studies. All our titles come with Public Performance Rights.

Collective of Independent Filmmakers  (www.energizedfilms.com)

Rachel Gordon continues to be a reliable source of films that focus on the current, relevant issues. Representing a variety of independent filmmakers, the eclectic collection she comes with includes award-winning work and undiscovered gems.

Davidson Films, Inc.  (www.davidsonfilms.com)

Davidson Films, Inc. has been a leading producer of high quality educational materials for over 50 years. Recent releases focus on the subjects of psychology, life span studies, education and neuroscience. These award-winning videos blend scripts written by distinguished experts with compelling footage and artful graphics to provide advanced high school pupils, college students and in-service teachers with introductions to complex social sciences subjects. Davidson Films delivers materials on digitally mastered DVDs with closed captioning and Spanish subtitles.

EdGate Correlation Services  (correlation.edgate.com)  

As the educational alignment leader, EdGate’s reliable mapping service offers digital content providers the opportunity to make smart and strategic decisions that will save time and money and result in the highest quality correlations needed for today’s education market. Our standards repository, the most robust and up-to-date in the industry, is home to over one million educational standards.

EdGate offers several flexible delivery methods for the aligned content, including Excel spreadsheets, tab-delimited files and sophisticated online interactive displays. But our expertise does not stop at correlations. Other services include digital content screening, segmenting, description writing, key wording, correlating, content development, content to content mapping, gap analysis tools, and state standards export services, standards-based concept index licensing and editorial services to further enhance your ability to customize results.

Eleventh Day  (www.ForLoveofLibertyEducation.org)  

Eleventh Day has produced 200 plus hours of academic film products, primetime television specials and documentaries. Their work has won numerous awards in both the educational and commercial space and includes 3 Emmys and the Sundance Film Festival Filmmakers Trophy. Its most recent project, For Love of Liberty: The Story of America’s Black Patriots aired nationwide on Public Television in 2010. It’s been reformatted for scholastic applications and includes a Public Performance Release in perpetuity.

Fanlight Productions  (www.fanlight.com)

Fanlight Productions is a leading distributor of educational media on the social issues of our time with a special focus on healthcare, mental health, aging, disabilities, and related issues. The programs in our collection have been honored with the industry’s top awards, and screened at conferences and festivals around the world. We are very proud that we help thousands of libraries, universities and other organizations to share with others a deeper understanding of the issues they teach through visual media.

Film Ideas, Inc.  (www.filmideas.com)

Film Ideas, Inc. has been producing and distributing award-winning curriculum, documentary and general interest programs for education, library and instructional television markets since 1979. Topics support all ages and interests. Programs are closed captioned and available in video, chaptered DVDs and all digital delivery and television formats. Film Ideas is “Education through Visualization.” To learn more and view online previews, visit our website: www.filmideas.com.

Filmakers Library  (www.filmakers.com)

For over thirty-five years, Filmakers Library has been known for distributing documentaries on cutting edge issues produced by independent filmmakers from around the world. They are thought provoking, have won numerous awards, and are used in universities, upper level high schools and public libraries. Notable collections are in women’s studies, African-American studies, multicultural issues, anthropology, human rights, and international concerns.

Films Media Group  (www.films.com)

Films Media Group publishes over 12,000 educational video titles for grades 7-12 through college via our imprints: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, Cambridge Educational, Meridian Education, and Shopware. Our web-based video streaming service, Films-On-Demand, provides unlimited 24/7 access to 7,000+ digital titles, ready to be shared through online catalogs, distance education courses, and learning management systems. Digital rights are available for local hosting. Comprehensive curriculum-focused collections are now offered on a subscription basis.

Getting To Know  (www.gettingtoknow.com)

Getting to Know, Inc. is the exclusive producer and distributor of the ALA award winning series “Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists” created by Mike Venezia (K-8) and “Elements of Art” (K-4). Current titles include: MONET, VAN GOGH, REMBRANDT, DA VINCI, MICHELANGELO, COLOR, LINE, SHAPE, FORM.

Green Planet Films  (www.greenplanetfilms.org)  

Green Planet Films is a nonprofit distributor of nature and environmental films from around the globe. We promote environmental education through film. Since 2004 we have grown our catalog to over 250 titles with topics such as green building, urban sprawl, food, garbage/recycling, animals/endangered species, deforestation, ecosystem restoration, indigenous people, climate change and many more. Through our website we provide a channel that connects these films to schools, libraries, organizations, businesses, government agencies, and individuals worldwide. Our streaming site is scheduled to launch in the Fall of 2010.

Human Relations Media  (www.hrmvideo.com)

Human Relations Media has been and continues to be a leading educational K-12 publisher for over 30 years. We publish video and print-based products in several areas including drug education, health, guidance, mathematics, career education, language arts and biology. HRM also publishes stand-alone print materials, folding displays, curriculums, posters and pamphlets. All of our videos are available on VHS or chaptered DVDs.

Icarus Films  (www.icarusfilms.com)

Icarus Films is a leading distributor of documentary films in North America, with a library of almost 900 titles and releasing approximately 50 new films each year. Our productions feature outstanding social, political and historical documentaries, ethnographic, animated and feature films that provide innovate and informative views of a rapidly changing world.

Insight Media, Inc.  (www.insight-media.com)  

Insight Media has been producing and distributing academic visual media to supplement and enhance university, secondary, and vocational instruction for over 20 years. As a premier source of instructional materials, we offer more than 14,000 DVD titles corresponding to specific curricular topics, as well as a selection of CD-ROM and PowerPoint titles designed for educational use.

ITS—International Telecommunication Services, Inc.  (its.itmonline.com)

ITS has been serving the educational media market since 1979. Exceptional educational programming of approximately 1000 titles, acquired or produced by ITS include series and single programs at the K-12, in- service and college credit levels. Our catalog includes all curriculum areas, with emphasis on core curricular areas. Programming ranges from individual supplemental programs to mini-series to complete courses as well as single concept segments designed for streaming. AV rights and/or broadcast and/or digital rights with or without duplication rights are available. Starting this year ITS will offer ITS TEACHABLE MOMENTS, a streaming service from the ITS server. Public performance rights included.

Kino Lorber Education (Alive Mind Education)  (www.kinolorbereducation.com)

Kino Lorber Education offers documentary programming of intellectual distinction to the educational market. Our content specialty is centered in the humanities with a focus on the transformations of culture. The Kino Lorber Educational collection is an eclectic but critically acclaimed library covering topics from American History to Women’s Studies. Our goal is to provide intellectually distinguished work from leading filmmakers—media content that stimulates discussion and provokes viewers to think outside the box.

Landmark Media  (www.landmarkmedia.com)

Landmark Media enjoys the reputation of being an excellent company offering quality service with the best programs available. Joan and Michael Hartogs founded Landmark in 1983; today it offers over 1000 carefully selected titles in both video and DVD formats. Ninety percent of the videos submitted to Landmark are rejected as not meeting their high standards! A diversified catalogue of exceptional children’s social studies and hand-picked science programs for all levels also includes outstanding college and university selections. The company remains family owned and committed to providing impeccable materials for the highest quality education for all students.

Learning CORE  (www.learningcore.net)  

Learning CORE offers a variety of digital media services to producers and educators. The people behind Learning CORE have over twenty years of industry experience in audio, video, and streaming media technology.

At Learning CORE, each project is as unique as each client. Our team will customize pricing to meet your needs to keep the your solution scalable and affordable.

Encode. Host. Stream. Store. Deliver. Caption. Site Development. Consulting. Distribution. DVD Authoring. Menu/Chapter Creation. Much more.

SOLUTIONS start at the CORE, with Learning CORE.

Learning Seed, LLC  (www.learningseed.com)  

Independent, engaging, aligned with your curriculum—Learning Seed videos and software offer educators a broad selection of standards-based materials to teach, reinforce, and supplement lesson plans. Since 1974, the Seedlings have offered educational media that bring subject matter to life.

Master Communications, Inc.  (www.master-comm.com)

Master Communications distributes DVD and programs that support curriculum—Social Studies, Reading, ELL/ESL, and foreign language instruction from pre-school, K-12 to professional development. Notable video includes Families of the World SeriesWorlds TogetherSing and LearnGlobal Business Culture and My Brown Eyes. Our product line includes over 200 public performance DVDs, broadcasting and digital rights. Visit our YouTube channel to view some of the screeners at www.youtube.com/mastercommunications.

Mazzarella Media, LLC  (www.mazz.com)

Go to just about any elementary classroom, school or public library and you will find an educational video or DVD created, produced and released by Mazzarella Media. Visit a toy store, online retailer, the children’s section of a bookstore, or browse any specialty catalog and you’re sure to see a Mazzarella Media DVD for sale.

Working with distributors and wholesalers domestically and internationally, Mazzarella Media continues to expand it product line of innovative children’s educational and entertainment programs. For information and descriptions of our DVD products call for a catalog or download it.

Media Education Foundation  (www.mediaed.org)

The Media Education Foundation produces and distributes documentary films and other educational resources to inspire critical reflection on the social, political, and cultural impact of American mass media. We offer resources designed to help spark discussion about some of the most pressing and complicated issues of our time. MEF’s aim is to inspire students to think critically and in new ways about the hyper-mediated world around them.

Medianet/Dymaxion Research Ltd.  (www.medianet.ns.ca)

MEDIANET is a scheduling & cataloging system for video, digitized rsources, CDs, science kits, equipment & more. MEDIANET produces pick lists, shipping labels, email notices and paper/PDF catalogs & reports. Teachers and staff love the Web interface!

This year we are highlighting:

  • Staff web interface…an easy to learn Graphical User Interface!
  • Single sign-on interfaces for United Streaming and Clearvue
  • New Integrated media player screen and automatically shown images
  • New automatic Journal Subscription Routing module with teacher sign-up

Plus we’ll be showing the latest marc4media by email service for downloading MARC records for any booking/catalog system.

ModuMath Multimedia Video  (www.modumath.org)

ModuMath is dedicated to helping learners who struggle with math. Our Basic Math and Algebra video lessons are designed for students who have had difficulty in traditional math classrooms. Video and narration guide learners through concepts and demonstrate how to solve real-world math problems.

ModuMath lessons are used in used in dozens of states and hundreds of locations. Our video lessons are available in a wide variety of formats. Broadcast, duplication and digital rights are available.

Moving Images Distribution  (www.movingimages.ca)

Moving Images Distribution has been distributing innovative and award-winning works for use in high schools, colleges, universities and public libraries since 1979. We offer thoughtful documentaries for use in women’s studies, Native American studies, Asian studies, social sciences, social work, English literature and language arts, cultural studies, art and architecture, as well as animation and avant-garde works for cinema studies. Programs are available on DVD or VHS with licenses for duplication, digital delivery, and broadcast negotiable.

MVD Entertainment Group  (mvdb2b.com)  

MVD Entertainment Group is the exclusive distributor of thousands of audiovisual programs and audio recordings. MVD has a special focus on music related programs such as historical concert videos from classic artists, documentaries covering certain artists or musical styles, and music related films. While musical content is a strength, MVD also represents thousands of non-music films as well including great political documentaries, classic b-movies, stand up comedy videos and much more.

The National Film Board of Canada  (www.nfb.ca)

For nearly 70 years the National Film Board of Canada has been producing and distributing innovative educational animation, and internationally acclaimed documentaries about all facets of contemporary life across the world. Our more than 10,000 titles include essential resources for schools, colleges and libraries, and have won more than 4,000 international prizes, including twelve Academy Awards. Used with our free online supplemental resources—activist toolkits, study guides, activity plans—our films engage audiences of all ages and academic levels.

Native American Public Telecommunications  (www.visionmaker.org)  

NAPT shares Native stories with the world through support of the creation, promotion and distribution of Native media. Through the CPB-funded Production Fund, five to ten new projects are supported each year. Last year, we worked with American Experience in the award-winning We Shall Remain five-part Native history series. VisionMaker Video is now the premier source for quality Native American educational and home videos. Profits made from video sales are invested in new NAPT productions.

New Day Films  (www.newday.com)  

Illuminate, challenge, inspire! Now in its 39th year, the legendary New Day Films is a unique distribution cooperative run by the filmmakers themselves. Specializing in social-issue documentaries, New Day Films have for decades been frequently seen on such television venues as HBO and POV. Our collection includes Academy Award–winners and nominees (one in 2010), and our groundbreaking online streaming service, New Day Digital (newdaydigital.com) offers over 100 films through institutional and individual licensing options.

New Dimension Media, A Questar Company  (www.ndmquestar.com)

New Dimension Media (NDM), a division of Questar, Inc., has been producing and distributing award winning educational programs for schools, libraries, colleges, and other institutions for 30 years. NDM programs are produced specifically for the classroom in length, age-appropriate narrations and instructional design. NDM also provides schools, districts, and media centers with a digital delivery option. CCC! Video on Demand is a server-based delivery system that provides thousands of core curriculum programs, while boasting such innovative features as live webcasting, Classroom LIVE, the ability to add school-produced content, and integration with iTunes.

Passion River Films  (www.PassionRiver.com)

Since 1998, Passion River Films has been devoted to acquiring, distributing and representing unique independent films and documentaries. Their award winning and festival favorite features have made their home on shelves of various notable film libraries and institutions. Their deep catalog represents films on nearly every topic including Multicultural Studies, Women’s Studies, Medical Studies and Advances, Religious and Spiritual studies, Environmentalism, Aging, Drug Addiction, Gay/Lesbian/Transgender, etc. Passion River also books films and lecturers for public performances and speaking events on college campuses across the country.

Phoenix Learning Group, Inc.  (phoenixlearninggroup.com)

Educational multimedia producer/distributor providing schools, libraries and educators of all types an unusual variety of high quality DVDs and VHS programs. You will find a wide selection of competitively priced, high-quality programming with application across the curriculum and beyond it.

We offer licensing for digital streaming, broadcast, datacast, and duplication. If you have other licensing needs, talk to us, we would be happy to work with you.

ro*co films  (www.rocoeducational.com or www.rocofilms.com)  

ro*co films educational (a new division of ro*co films international) is devoted to distributing the best documentaries of our day to schools, libraries, non-profit organizations, and all other educational institutions.

The films represented by ro*co are extremely powerful instructional tools that inspire, challenge, entertain, and connect us to human experiences well beyond the boundaries of our own.

SCCtv/IRIS Education  (www.scctv.net or www.iriseducation.org)

IRIS Education, a division of Seattle Community College Television (SCCtv) is a leading force within North America for providing technology and technology related solutions for K-12, Higher Education and Educational Content Providers. To learn how IRIS can help you, visit our website at: http://www.IRISEDUCATION.org

SISU Home Entertainment, Inc.  (www.sisuent.com)

SISU Home Entertainment is celebrating its 22nd anniversary. It is a leader in providing quality programs on Jewish life & holidays, Israeli movies, Biblical, Holocaust and children’s programs as well as music to schools, libraries and individuals. Our DVD library includes over 250 award winning and critically acclaimed DVDs such as “I’m Still Here” (MTV production on the Holocaust), “Dialogues with Eli Wiesel,” “Shalom Sesame” (the NEW 12-DVD series—The Jewish version of Sesame Street), and “Out of Europe” (one lucky family’s escape from the Holocaust).

Tek Data Systems Company  (www.tekdata.com)

Tek Data continues to lead the way with innovative solutions by offering the widest selection of web based products and services from which to choose. Our latest offering is the EP/MAX Portal System, a centralized solution featuring

  • Single Sign On that includes all of the capabilities listed below:
    • Schedule resources and events by date or by date and
    • Search locally and across the web simultaneously
    • Capture content from a variety of sources
    • Catalog using MARC records
    • Develop online sessions to enhance student learning
    • Stream or download video
    • Participate in an online video conference
    • Create your own personalized web page and so much more

with EP/MAX “your window to the world.”

VEA Inc. (Video Education America)  (www.veavideo.com)

VEA Inc is a producer of over 100 instructional educational programs a year, designed to bring learning to life for students across the US and Canada.

On-going and extensive qualitative and quantitative research with educators is undertaken to ensure our videos productions;

  • align to curriculum standards,
  • meet specific topics needed by teachers, and are
  • adaptable to differentiated learning styles in the classroom.

Our programs are targeted mostly for high school, in the subjects of math, science, food technology and hospitality, design and IT, careers, business, technical education, social studies, art and music. Our videos are available on DVD, with digital, streaming, duplication and broadcast rights available.

The Video Project  (www.videoproject.com)

The Video Project is a leading global distributor of educational media, concentrating on programs related to the environment, science, health, and social issues. Founded as a means of equipping educators with socially and environmentally responsible films from independent producers, The Video Project is known for the breadth and quality of its award-winning documentaries and series, which range in topic from climate change and alternative energy to public health, new technologies, and corporate ethics. Our unique emphasis on web-enabled DVD toolkits and supplemental features provide school and library users a robust educational experience, connecting students with a wealth of further study and engagement opportunities. The Video Project is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Video Resources Software  (www.tutorace.com)

Offering award winning DVDs and software on CD-ROM, including AceMathReady for Phonics and Beyond PhonicsOn Common Ground, the citizenship and civics series, and Framework for Democracy, the companion series on government; The Human Condition, the series on health; Madison Heights and Lifelines, for family literacy; Earth Revealed and The Mechanical UniverseThe Examined Life, a philosophy series; The Endless Voyage, an oceanography series that relates the health of the oceans to all life on earth; The Unfinished Nation, a rich compassionate treatment of American history; The Way We Live, a new introduction to sociology with real life stories; and Inside Out, an introduction to psychology.

Visual Learning Company  (www.visuallearningco.com)

The Visual Learning Company specializes in the production of high quality, core-curricular science videos and teacher’s guides for students in grades K-14. These live action videos teach science through beautiful imagery, graphics and animations. The videos and accompanying teacher and student materials focus on the key concepts and vocabulary required by major texts, and national and state standards. It is our mission to help teachers teach and students learn, visually. Videos are available in multiple digital formats including DVD, .DV, digital broadcast masters, and as digital bundles that include H.264 and Windows Media 9 videos and clips, animations, images, teacher’s guide, and metadata.

Weston Woods/Scholastic  (www.scholastic.com/westonwoods)

Weston Woods is the world’s largest producer of audiovisual adaptations of classic children’s picture books. Our adaptations are faithful reflections on the books on which they are based designed to motivate children to want to read. Our product lines include over 350 public performance videos and DVD picture book adaptations, read-along book/audio cassette or CD packages, author documentaries, history/social studies and foreign language video collections.

Women Make Movies  (www.wmm.com)

Women Make Movies is the world’s leading distributor of independent films by and about women, with a focus on cutting-edge documentaries that give depth to today’s headlines, as well as artistically and intellectually challenging works in all genres. The Women Make Movies collection of more than 500 films is used by thousands of educational, community and cultural organizations annually. For more information, visit www.wmm.com.