Professional Development Sessions

A list of the 2011 sessions is below.

Opening Session—“Gaze Into Our Crystal Ball! Forecasting Changes and Innovations in Media”
Brian Bridges, Neeru Khosla

The 2011 “Crystal Ball” session will take a look at trending uses of media. This year, two trends with promising futures will be explored: digital textbooks and online courses. Both are emerging as innovative platforms for new uses of media. Our “fortune tellers” will share their thoughts and current perspectives about these integrated technologies. No trance states allowed—be ready for a Q&A opportunity.

NMM Board Member Julie Drake (Los Angles County Office of Education) will introduce the speakers and facilitate questions and answers.

To The Preview Portal and Beyond—NMM Launches a New Service
Wendy Collins, Rob Rosamond

NMM has developed a password protected system to allow buyers to easily preview and evaluate exhibitors’ titles in one central location. Board Members will describe the goal of this project extending NMM services to buyers and exhibitors as well as give a hands on training. The portal will provide easy search, easy previews, easy acquisitions, save time and control costs. Questions and comments welcome!

NMM Board Member Bob Norris will introduce the panelists and facilitate questions and answers.

Digital Media 101: Deciphering the Bits and Bytes of Online Video
Wendy Collins, Gina Krause & Matthew Haun

Digital video in education is booming! But trying to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of online video can be a full-time job. This session will help you to better understand new and emerging technologies and tools, encoding formats, and delivery options for providing digital video to students and faculty.